You are an Integrated Whole


We offer an approach to medicine that touches on the whole person - Body, Mind, and Spirit, all in the context of the family. We feel comfortable in treating your runny nose, or HTN. It might be discussing your sore back or talking about work stress and how you are not sleeping. We may hand you a tissue when you tell of your husband’s rejection. It may be about sudden mood shifts or chest pain. We may have to speak honestly about substance abuse, No judgment and no patronizing, just a way out. This is what Jessica Anderson and I do everyday.

Healthy Body

Why “integrated wellness”? Wellness is about the whole person. We have many dimensions to the way we are made. There is the most obvious, our body, the part we can see and touch. The human body is way beyond amazing. For the most part it can take a lot of abuse. Our current world however has stressed it beyond breaking and for the first time in modern history our children have a lower life expectancy then their parents. And despite  all of our technology and the money being spent on healthcare we live in one of the most unhealthy  countries. Why?

We focus on healthy habits and preventive medicine. We would rather create health but disease will eventually find us. We are prepared.

Healthy Mind

If the problem is with thoughts, moods or behaviors we offer a trustworthy trained ear. Sometimes a person needs a “GPS” to lead them through a foggy time. Sometimes it is a medical imbalance, an over or under active part of the brain for example. These problems are treated as real and not swept casually away. They must be seen in the context of your family and personal values. This should be evaluated be someone who is informed by the latest and best understanding of psychiatric problems. Someone who cares must see this.  I may be the first person who has asked if you think of hurting yourself.  Helping my patients with these things is what makes my day!Here at HVHS Family practice  we care for people struggling with grief, trauma, and end of life issues. We see and recognize the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many people are struggling with fearfulness, panic , and many other  anxiety problems. Mood problems  cause severe distress. More so if not treated. We also evaluate and treat  ADHD on a regular basis. However, no matter what tag you my give a set of symptoms a person is not defined by a diagnosis.

Healthy Spirit

I believe that we are created beings and have the imprint of our creator deep inside.  I come at this from a Christian vantage point.  As such I am not afraid to pray for you. It is the most sincere and honest thing I can do. Like the mind effects the body the spirit effects the mind and body. You can’t touch one without the other. My prayer is always that God will lead you out of trouble to Himself.

Healthy Family

We do not live in a vacume. We all live somewhere and have relationships that are importaint.



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