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Integrated wellness


Why “integrated wellness”? Wellness is about the whole person. We have many dimensions to the way we are made. There is the most obvious, our body, the part we can see and touch. Then there is our mind. This the part that thinks and feels, that loves and cares, that is the “i” in the question “who am I?”.This part is something more then what you see, but without it there is no point to a heathy body. Beyond that there is a part of us even deeper, a part that is spiritual.The part that relates to the question “Why am I?” Integrated wellness is about the whole package. This is what Jessica Anderson and I do everyday.We offer an approach to medicine that touches on the whole person, Body, Mind, and Spirit, all in the context of the family. We focus on healthy habits and preventive medicine. We would rather create health but disease eventually finds us. We are prepared with the best practices. modern medicine offers. If the problem is with thoughts, moods or behaviors we offer a trustworthy trained ear. Medicine if needed. These problems are not swept casually away. We have the imprint of our creator deep inside. We come at this from a Christian vantage point of grace. We can pray with you. The body, soul and spirit are connected, touching one, touches the whole. We are for the whole person.

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